Although I’ve written this and that here and there throughout my life, my writing journey did not begin in earnest until my seventeen-month-old daughter Hudson died in May 2010 from an aggressive bacterial infection.  About a month later, I began a blog, where I pounded and pounded and pounded the keys in hopes that I might pound out my grief.  Although the grief will never not be with me, the writing helped. Through it, I learned to live again. Through it, I learned that the best way to honor my daughter’s life was to continue to tell her story. Through it, I learned that while there is no choice but to simply go on after terrible, terrible things happen, I do have a choice in how I go on.  And I hope that how I’m going on honors her memory every day.IMG_1945

The blog is called One Good Thing, because several months before she died, I thought about starting a ritual with her when she got older that I was going to call “One Good Thing.” Whenever something bad happened to one of us, we were going to try to think of One Good Thing that came out of it. Rather than spend so much time and energy worrying about what should or shouldn’t be, we were going to try to enjoy and cherish what is. I thought I was going to teach her that lesson, but now I realize it was the other way around. I could never have anticipated how much I would need that lesson only months later, when she was so cruelly stolen from me, how much I would come to rely on it for my very survival. It was its own One Good Thing.

You can read about my journey through grief (oh, and also cancer) at One Good Thing.  I am now seeking a publisher for a completed memoir about losing Hudson.







“The sun kept on with its slipping away, and I thought how many small good things in the world might be resting on the shoulders of something terrible.” ~ Carol Rifka Blunt, Tell The Wolves I’m Home