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My Daughter’s Death Changed Me, But It Did Not Make Me Superhuman

I was both humbled and proud to debut on the Brain, Child blog yesterday with a piece that was hard for me to write and share, because it says the opposite of what I think most people expect me to… Continue Reading →

Connection Is The Reason We’re Here

I ran into a former colleague friend at the grocery store the other day. She told me that she liked being my Facebook friend because unlike so many others, my posts are not all Pollyanna and sunshine, that unlike so… Continue Reading →

We’re All Doing the Best We Can

I stand in front of the produce cooler at Trader Joe’s, eyeing the pre-cut, pre-packaged broccoli and cauliflower florets. My four-year-old recently told me he likes raw broccoli and cauliflower with ranch dip, saying he used to eat it at… Continue Reading →

I Love You Just The Way You Are

My youngest daughter Ada is eighteen months old. She’s so different from her older two siblings, who are so like each other in so many ways. She was a high-strung infant where they were easygoing. She cries and gets upset… Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Care What You Think (Or At Least I’m Trying Not To)

My finger hovers over the track pad as I prepare to click “Post.” I pause, a little too long, thinking about a few friends, on the edges of my circle but about whose opinions I inexplicably care an inordinate amount,… Continue Reading →

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