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With a Little Help

On one evening a month for the last eighteen months, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend three or four hours with these amazing women (and a few others not pictured). We originally met as part of the 2014 Raleigh-Durham production of… Continue Reading →

No Crib for a Bed

Where do refugee children sleep?  Look at the photos. Don’t avert your eyes. You’ll want to look away. I did, too. But don’t. When I looked at the photos, all I could think about was my son’s bed. How he sleeps on a… Continue Reading →

Side By Side

My three children resemble one another so closely that I often have fun playing tricks on friends and family by posting baby photos of them with a caption of “Guess the baby!” To prove my point, here are photos taken… Continue Reading →

Life Is A Circle

The ways in which life so often circles back upon itself never cease to amaze me. My youngest daughter has been sick for the last several days with hand, foot, and mouth disease–it’s a common toddler illness that begins with a… Continue Reading →

Of Paris and Empathy

Like so many in my Facebook circle, I was horrified by what happened in Paris last night. But I’m ashamed to say that when I learned of and wrote about the attacks in Paris last night, I had no idea… Continue Reading →


Whatever I was going to write today means little in the face of what happened in Paris today. And while there are so many terrifying and heart-wrenching aspects of the attacks there, and so many things that I could write… Continue Reading →

Share a Coke? No Way. I Want That Bottle All to Myself.

Fountain. Bottle. Can. In that order. I hardly ever drink out of a can anymore unless I’m desperate. I can tell you which local restaurants have the best fountain Coke (and the very best places get bonus points for having… Continue Reading →

That’ll Do, Pig.

Tonight I told a live audience of 200-ish people a story about Hudson and hospitals and brain injuries and death and God and the things that people call miracles. I think that’s about enough for today.  

Connection Is The Reason We’re Here

I ran into a former colleague friend at the grocery store the other day. She told me that she liked being my Facebook friend because unlike so many others, my posts are not all Pollyanna and sunshine, that unlike so… Continue Reading →

Why I’m Breaking My Number One Child Sleep Rule

I lie next to my four-year-old son in his full-sized bed. He’s facing away from me, and my arm drapes over his shoulder. If he were bigger, I’d say we’re spooning, but his legs are still far too short for… Continue Reading →

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