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You Win Some, You Lose Some

After yesterday’s wonderful day with the kids, today was so bad that Ed and I decided we’d rather go to the grocery store together with both kids than leave them at home with one or the other parent. Yeah, it was… Continue Reading →

“OK” Is The Sweetest Word

Today was an amazing day. A glorious day. An extraordinary day. It was 70 degrees and sunny on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We spent the day mostly outside with our kids, raking, blowing, and playing in the million leaves in… Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want to Leave Any Marks

My small daughter stood anchored to the floor in her footed pajamas, glancing uncertainly first at me and then towards the bedroom door, in which direction her older brother had just run at breakneck speed. Her round little face was… Continue Reading →

“Jimmy Kimmel, You’re Fired. No, Wait, I’m Just Kidding!”

Imagine a worst possible moment in your adult life. “I slept with your husband.” “I had an affair with your best friend.” “Sweetie, I cheated on your dad, and we’re getting divorced. I’m so sorry.” Already, you’re having a pretty… Continue Reading →

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